What Is Beauty Anyway?

 s beauty really in the eye of the beholder? It depends on who is holding the eye I guess... In every culture, beauty means something different.

In Japan, pale skin is desired. It's represents your status. The more pale, the more wealthy. Japanese women that are tan are considered lower class.

In Africa, women with big hips and large breast are considered beautiful because it represents fertility.

In America, Hollywood tells us that thin is in and the tanner the better.

On a side note... Don't worry, I'm not going on a rant about how "horrible" Hollywood is https://www.bluekiee.com/ . I don't believe in being a hater. I don't blame Hollywood at all for the perception of women. I blame myself. We have all been guilty of consuming the fallacies that Hollywood offers. We have kept them in business. That's for another blog post...

What if our beauty had nothing to do with what is on the outside at all? What if the beauty on the inside is what made the outside beautiful?

We've all met THAT girl. You know the one that is so gorgeous. Everyone wants her hair, skin and figure. She has one glaring flaw though... she's a mean girl! Her nasty attitude doesn't change the fact that she has perfect skin, but image how much MORE she could be if she had inner beauty? Imagine how beautiful she would be if she put others before herself once in awhile? What if she could have the best of both worlds... Outer and Inner beauty!

The truth is, outer beauty will fade. Yep it's true. No one escapes aging. Some are able to delay it, but no one escapes Father Time https://mindseteco.com/. Once our outer beauty fades, what do you have left? Who do you want to be when you are 85? An old, wrinkled mean girl? Or a beautiful woman who still shines bright from the inside?

Shine bright in someone's life today. Your beauty makes the world a better place. Make a commitment to let your light shine today!

Action step to inner beauty:

Take a moment today to compliment a complete stranger. It could be your cashier at the grocery store or your barista at Starbucks. When you compliment her, let it be something that has nothing to do with her looks. For example, "thanks for the great service" or "you have such a sweet spirit about you." Once your done, tell me about it below. Can't wait to hear your story!

Shine bright from the inside today!